Table Lamps

Table Lamps FAQs

What is the basic purpose of a table lamp?

The basic purpose of a table lamp is to illuminate a room with soft light.

What kind of table lamp would be good for a bedroom?

If you are interested in adding something different or something more stylish to your bedroom decor, consider adding a vase lamp to your bedside table. This will add style, color, and nighttime luminescence to your room.

How do you choose the right table lamp size?

It is important to choose the right table lamp size, so it doesn’t look completely out of proportion with the table. The lamp’s height should be about 58” to 64” from the floor’s surface up to the top of the finial.

How do you pick a shade for a lamp?

When picking a shade for your lamp, make sure it is two-thirds the height of your lamp base. One that is too large for the lamp base will make it look top-heavy, and one that is too small will make the lamp look out of balance.