Jolie Paint

Jolie Paint adheres to almost any surface and makes it easy to achieve beautiful finishes.

jolie paint

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Jolie Paint FAQs

What surfaces and materials can be painted with Jolie Paint?

Jolie Paint adheres to most surfaces, including wood (raw, waxed, oil-based, lacquered, and stained finishes), metal, matte, plastics, brick, concrete, and stone. These include oily woods such as teak and eucalyptus, powder-coated metal, thermofoil cabinetry and furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and many types of tile. When in doubt or on large projects, we always recommend testing in small areas before painting the entire piece.

Can Jolie Paint be used on unfinished wood?

Yes, Jolie Paint works beautifully over raw wood; however, some woods require additional surface prep. Some woods contain tannins that may bleed through the paint as it dries, leaving orange or pinkish stains. OAK and MAHOGANY are the most likely offenders. To avoid bleed-through, use shellac, a non-toxic sealer, to seal up any knots or wood-filled areas prior to painting. If you have already begun painting and notice stains, apply shellac, allow it to dry, and then apply an additional coat of paint.


If you are painting over raw wood, you may notice RAISED WOOD GRAIN after the first coat. To achieve a smoother finish, sand after the first coat of paint.

Can Jolie Paint be used on walls?

Yes, Jolie Paint can be used on walls. It will provide a beautiful matte finish.

Can Jolie Paint be used in a paint sprayer?

Jolie Paint can be applied through a paint sprayer, but it will need to be thinned with approximately 25-30% water (check your sprayer’s requirements) prior to spraying.

Can you complete your project indoors or should you paint outside?

Jolie Paint is water-based, non-toxic, low VOC, and fast-drying, so it is not necessary to complete projects outside. Jolie Paint should always be applied in ambient temperatures (55-85 degrees F or 13-29 degrees C). If you do choose to paint outdoors, we recommend avoiding extreme heat or cold.


For other FAQs, check out the Jolie Paint FAQ page.