Area Rugs

Area Rugs FAQs

Why should you add an area rug to a room?

Adding an area rug to a room helps to create a frame in which to place furniture and to define a space. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to a room, one that provides comfort, warmth, and decorative interest (color, pattern, texture, etc.).

How do you choose a rug for your living room?

Many interior designers choose an area rug for space first and then decide on the color of paint for the wall, and the pillows and paintings to complete the room.

How do you determine the size of the area rug you need?

Interior designers recommend that you decide on the appropriate size of rug based on the furniture configuration, not based on the specific room size. This is especially true for placing a rug in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Do you need area rugs on hardwood floors?

Adding an area rug to high traffic areas like the foyer, hallway, and family room will not only add color and style to the room, but it will also protect your hardwood floors from wear and tear.

Should furniture be on or off an area rug?

In general, whether or not you have furniture on or off your area rug depends on your style. If you choose to place your furniture on top of the area rug, it should extend under all the key pieces of furniture in the room. If used in a dining room, the chairs should be on the rug, even when they’re pulled out from the table.


For a contemporary look, however, an area rug should be free of any furniture.