Smart Moon Lamp

With this extraordinary levitating Smart Moon Lamp, you could light up your whole world and step up your home décor. This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a sustainably designed walnut, black or white ash wood base and slowly rotates just like the real elliptical orbiting moon. Made with safe PLA material, this 3D printed full moon even has a textured surface just like the moon’s own craters and glows an ethereal-like light as it emits it’s cool white light. Suspended by a strong built-in magnet it creates a fascinating and life-like illusion of the real thing. This amazing levitating Smart Moon Lamp from us reflects our design ethos of making everyday objects smart and fascinating in living and it makes a special unique gift for any occasion. Product Material: walnut /white ash wood base with PLA 3D printed moon.