Soaking Salts Gift Set


6 amazing soaking salts, hand layered into beautiful glass vials and encased in a luxurious box.

Also included are six mesh soaking pouches along with a card detailing each ingredient in the salts.

When you’re ready for a luxurious bath simply pour the vial into a mesh soaking pouch and drop it in the tub. The salts, pollen, and clay will dissolve in the water and absorb into your skin, leaving you relaxed, soft, and moisturized.


-Bee Invigorated (Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, dried hibiscus flower, rose clay, bee pollen, pink grapefruit essential oil)

-Bee Energized (Dead Sea & Epsom salts, Dried Calendula flower, Dried peppermint leaf, bee pollen, jasmine & rose essential oils)

-Bee Restored (Black Hawaiian sea salt, dried rose petal, bee pollen, jasmine & rose essential oils)

-Bee Detoxified (Dead Sea & Epsom salts, dried lavender petal, dried peppermint leaf, bentonite clay, bee pollen, lavender & peppermint essential oils

-Bee Clear Minded (Dead Sea salts, black Hawaiian sea salt, dried sea salts, dried rose petal, bee pollen, lemon & lime essential oils

-Bee Well (French grey sea salt, Dead Sea salt, dried echinacea, French green clay, bee pollen, eucalyptus essential oil)