Fireplace Apothecary Match Bottle, Poetry

Introducing Poetry Apothecary Fireplace Match Bottle, a refined and updated choice for storing your matches. This exquisite bottle showcases a silk-screened design featuring a heartfelt poem by our friend and poet, Sean Kearney. The verse beautifully conveys the essence of illumination and grace in the dark. With its cork lid, the bottle merges form and function seamlessly. It includes our exclusive strike-on-bottle design, complete with a striker strip on the back, ensuring you can light all 120 matches with style. Key Features: Apothecary fireplace match bottle with a silk-screened design of an inspiring poem. The poem encourages being a flame, a symbol of grace in the dark. Contains 120 eight-inch matchsticks. Features a convenient strike-on-bottle flint. Dimensions: 10 1/2" high x 3" wide.