Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Lighting FAQs

How do you figure out how much light you need in a room?

To figure out how much light you need in a room, you need to figure out the wattage needs for naturally lighting your space. To do this, multiply the room’s square footage by 1.5 to figure out the wattage. For example, if your room measures 10ft x 15 ft, it is 150 square feet x 1.5 = 225 watts needed to light the room. So if your ceiling fixtures require 60-watt bulbs, then you need to put in at least four fixtures to get the proper amount of light, which will produce 240 total watts (more than enough for the square footage of that room).

How does ceiling lighting enhance a foyer?

Ceiling lighting in the foyer creates a hospitable looking foyer that is bright and inviting. You want to give visitors to your home a good first impression, and you can accomplish this with ceiling lighting combined with the use of wall sconces or a table lamp.

What type of ceiling lighting would you recommend for a stairway?

If you have a really spectacular stairway in your home, show it off with ceiling lighting, such as a chandelier, lanterns, or pendants.