Aviation Gifts

Aviation Gifts FAQs

What kind of unique pilot gifts does Niche & Co sell?

At Niche & Co we sell several unique pilot gifts including propellers, propeller wall clocks, altimeter table and wall clocks, flight clocks, and an around the world mobile.

What is a Barnstormer propeller?

Barnstormer propellers are authentic reproductions, hand-crafted of solid wood. Barnstormer refers to the earliest heroes of aviation who went from town to town offering airplane rides to spectators.

What is a Sopwith four-blade propeller?

The four-blade Sopwith propeller was introduced in WWII to accommodate increased fighter plane engine capacity and to replace the two-blade propeller for increased power for take-off and landing.

What is an altimeter in aviation?

An altimeter is an instrument that measures air pressure. It is more sensitive than a barometer, and works to measure height above sea level because the air’s pressure decreases at a more or less regular rate as you ascend.