About Us

Welcome to NICHE&CO, a veteran-owned small business located in Parker, Colorado. NICHE&CO is a furniture, home, and gift boutique founded by husband and wife team Jon and April in 2016. NICHE&CO offers inspiring, unique furnishings and accents for every corner of your home. Inspired by their artistic craftsmanship, Jon and April have curated an eclectic yet harmonious showroom with a high emphasis on quality and style. Their own experience as veteran helicopter pilots sparked their idea to focus initially on aviation and travel themed goods, later delving into the unique niches of everyone’s lives. From outdoorsy adventurers, equestrians, and modern foodies, Niche & CO has become a place where anyone can find beautiful products to express their unique passions and creativity while supporting local artisans and craftsmen.


The team at Niche & CO strives for excellence in every way, from building a strong community, providing outstanding personalized customer service, and above all, bringing the perfect products to your home to spark joy and enrichment in life. Visit Niche & CO online or in-store to find the perfect goods to cater to your niche.

Niche & Co would love to hear from you! For comments and inquiries, please contact us at or visit us in-store at

12227 Pine Bluffs Way

Suite 107

Parker, CO 80134