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For Designers FAQs

Where do interior designers find their inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere and can be found anywhere if you have an eye for detail and design. Interior designers get their inspiration from a myriad of sources, including

  • Social Media, such as Instagram and Pinterest 
  • Buildings and Restaurants
  • Nature
  • Movies
  • Travel
  • Vintage Pieces

How does a lookbook help an interior designer?

A well put together lookbook can help an interior designer in many ways. Some designers use them as a tool to help display a design concept to a potential client. It using it this way, it helps an interior designer know if the client is open to some creativity or new ideas, and how firm they are on their budgets.

How do designers use mood boards?

Mood boards for interior designers are used to arrange images, materials, text, and other design elements into a format that well represents the final design’s style.