Fine Furniture

Fine Furniture FAQs

What are the distinctive features of fine furniture?

The distinctive features of fine furniture include:

Firm Cushions. Firm cushions, fully covered with identical material on both sides, are preferred over soft cushions. Soft cushions are often filled with low-quality batting that will lose their shape and comfort over time. Some cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning. 

High-End Upholstery. High-end cushion covers contain a foam block wrapped in another material like cotton or Dacron and have a significantly higher density rating. You want a higher density material so you’re less likely to feel the underlying wooden frame.

Joined Legs. Legs of furniture are heavy and joined (not glued) to the frame. Higher-end sofas usually have a fifth leg in the middle of the sofa for added support. 

Durable Material. Heavy wood is used and is more durable than particle board or plywood (less than 9 layers).

Joined Ends and Corners. End and corners of furniture are built with joinery (joined at the ends or corners) and are far less likely to come apart and capable of supporting more weight.

Can you preorder furniture for discounts?

Yes, you can preorder furniture for significant discounts. When you visit our furniture showroom, be sure to ask us about preorder discounts.

Where can you buy the fine furniture displayed on this website?

Come to our showroom to purchase any of the fine furniture displayed on this website.